'In Control' Theatre - addressing attitudes about asthma in Africa

Young people with asthma can feel stigmatised or misunderstood. We therefore developed this play together with a UK young people's theatre (Tramshed) and local theatre groups in six African countries. The play is about a teenage girl with asthma, who struggles with attitudes and prejudices people have of her condition. The play is followed by a post-performance workshop during which the main character stays in role.

CAPPA personal air pollution monitoring

Children in six African countries took part in a monitoring campaign, measuring their personal air pollution exposure throughout several days. The children carried a backpack, designed by Dyson, containing devices that collect particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and GPS location. The participants also filled in a short survey about their exposure, a daily diary about where they went, and measured their peak flow (air flowing from lungs) twice daily.

ACACIA focus groups

ACACIA general meeting January 2020

Spirometry training with Lindsay Zurba

Lindsay Zurba is currently touring across Africa to do spirometry training with researchers at each of our centres.